Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alice In Wonderland Party

I love throwing ideas at my daughters for their birthday parties. I was ecstatic when I heard that my oldest wanted to have an Alice in Wonderland party. I love a challenge and I knew this would be a fun one. 
All of these photos were taken by Kelly Cottier Photography check her out at http://www.kellycottierphotography.com/

 These invitations were too cute to pass up. I love that the envelope even goes with the theme, a cute little teabag.

 I got the print offs from a website online and just made a few changes, which ended up being a lot more difficult than I had anticipated!

I loved the finished project though. It was so fun and it gave an idea of what the guests were in for at the party.

 I love setting the scene the minute you walk in, or in this case right when you drive up to the house!

 Once you walked through that key hole you were transported to the queens garden. Hanging cards and hearts galore.

 These giant cards hung from the walkway from the front porch through to living room.

These signs led you to the main tablescape. But which way to go? Better not make a mistake!

 I love these huge paper flowers they add so much to the vibrant colors!

 Vintage teacups and plates covered the table filled with many delicious treats. These cookies were as tasty as they were beautiful. Again this is using your food to add to the decor!

 Flea market finds are great for parties, they make things more personal.

 Its the little things that count, these little heart jelly sandwiches were so cute.

Little finger foods and a huge variety of cookies and finger treats were available from any angle.

For our craft we had lots of stickers, ribbons, glitter and more to decorate your very own 'Mad Hatter Hat'

This party was so colorful and crazy, just what I imagine 

Again, these photos were all taken by a good friend Kelly Cottier she does amazing work and has reasonable prices you should check out her website. 

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  1. What material did you use to construct the keyhole and how did you get it to stand up?